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Blue – I Heart Faces

September 27, 2009

Daddy/Son talk with the sharks

Daddy/Son talk with the sharks

Blue….my favorite color! This was just too precious not to post — they would’ve stayed right here all day if they could have. 
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Fix It Friday – I Heart Faces

September 25, 2009


Orignial Photo – dark, but still adorable 🙂

Wee Man_thumb[1]

And here’s my edit — Wanted to make this the precious photo that it was meant to be – sepia, warmed, softened a bit, cropped — and voila!

Edited Photo

Edited Photo


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I Heart Faces – Completely Candid

September 22, 2009

Fun! Fun! Fun! So FUN to look through everyone’s entries this week!

My entry is of my son jumping into the wading pool in our driveway — it was the first really hot day of spring this past year and he was LOVING it! We surprised him with the big wading pool, filled it while he was napping and when he woke up — he was  so excited to see his pool!

This is a shot of pure joy — it’s the little things in life that can make one SO happy, isn’t it? Check out all of this weeks candid shots at



Girls Night

September 20, 2009

Parker spent the night with our close friends, Nick and Bobbie, last night so we had CaraBeth and her Mommy and Daddy over to play with Addison. It was so fun to watch them just have girl time…although, we did miss our little man 🙂






Fix It Friday – I Heart Faces

September 18, 2009



Editing — something I love to do!

Here’s the original photo: Beautiful little girl — who doesn’t love a redhead?? There aren’t enough of them, if you ask me! Adorable!



Here’s the edit —


Warmed it up, adjusted the fill light, tilted and cropped – She’s beautiful!

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I Heart Faces – Contemplative

September 15, 2009

button - photochallenge1


What a cool theme — it will be so fun to see what everyone posts. Such a subjective theme – love it!

My entry is of my daughter after her bath — this was her period of discovering her toes. Adorable. She had just learned to sit up and everytime she sat, she would check to make sure she could reach her toes. She’d touch them, hold onto them and then let go like “Yep. Good! They are still down there”. So fun to watch little ones discover the world around them.



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Friday Fun – Faces Editing

September 11, 2009


Fix It Friday — Editing Fun 🙂


Before the Edit:

Before the edit -- what a cutie :)

Before the edit -- what a cutie 🙂

After the edit

After the edit

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