Fix It Friday

November 6, 2009


Beautiful little girl to work with today — Here’s the pre-edited photo:

Fix-It _35 - Hollie Torbit[3]

Pre Edit

 The mommy photographer of this cute shot wanted her eyes to be clear. She also felt the picture was dull and wanted to remove the red from her cheeks.

Here’s post edit:

Fix-It _35 - Hollie Torbit[3]

Post Edit

I didn’t take the all the rosy out of her cheeks — I kinda think it looks sweet with her pink shirt and her pale skin — I think a touch of rosy makes her look like a doll!!

Check out all the edits at www.iheartfaces.blogspot.com






  1. I like rosy too! And I love the soft feel. Very pretty : )

  2. i like the dreamy look

  3. I agree with you on the rosy cheeks… I left them too. Your edit is very nice, very natural. Great job!

  4. Wow… This is truely beautiful! I love the dreamy look!!!

  5. So dreamy!! I love it. Great job!

  6. It’s beautiful thank you very much. I like that soft look.

  7. Very dreamy! I left the rosey in as well! It was just too cute!

  8. LOVE the softness you accomplished. Very sweet 🙂

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