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Autumn Beauty — I Heart Faces

November 16, 2009

To me, Fall is the PERFECT time to take family photos. Who needs boring backdrops when there are beautiful leaves to sit in??

This is a photo of a little boy who is close to my heart. He is some of our best friends’ son who was born 10 weeks early weighing only 2 pounds, 4 ounces. And look at him now!! So exciting to capture his beautiful smile — God is good, isn’t he?


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Fix It Friday

November 6, 2009


Beautiful little girl to work with today — Here’s the pre-edited photo:

Fix-It _35 - Hollie Torbit[3]

Pre Edit

 The mommy photographer of this cute shot wanted her eyes to be clear. She also felt the picture was dull and wanted to remove the red from her cheeks.

Here’s post edit:

Fix-It _35 - Hollie Torbit[3]

Post Edit

I didn’t take the all the rosy out of her cheeks — I kinda think it looks sweet with her pink shirt and her pale skin — I think a touch of rosy makes her look like a doll!!

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I Heart Faces — Balloons

November 2, 2009


Who doesn’t love Balloons? Fun theme, for sure!!


This is my son  playing in our front yard — and I love this shot because it looks like he is sitting on the balloons, bouncing through the yard. Looks fun, doesn’t it??

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Fix it Friday

October 17, 2009

Original Photo -- What a doll!

Original Photo -- What a doll!

My edit -- a splash of color :)

My edit -- a splash of color 🙂


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I Heart Faces….EXCITED!!!

October 13, 2009



It’s EXCITED week at I Heart Faces. I have to enter this photo of my son running through the yard with a bundle of balloons and just having THE BEST time! He was running and laughing — If only all of us stuffy adults could take a lesson in how fun and exciting the simple things are, huh?? 🙂



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Blue – I Heart Faces

September 27, 2009

Daddy/Son talk with the sharks

Daddy/Son talk with the sharks

Blue….my favorite color! This was just too precious not to post — they would’ve stayed right here all day if they could have. 
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Fix It Friday – I Heart Faces

September 25, 2009


Orignial Photo – dark, but still adorable 🙂

Wee Man_thumb[1]

And here’s my edit — Wanted to make this the precious photo that it was meant to be – sepia, warmed, softened a bit, cropped — and voila!

Edited Photo

Edited Photo


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